Journey to Maastricht

After six years in the Amsterdam area, we moved down to the southern tip of the Netherlands, to a beautiful city named Maastricht (Mah-STRICT).

We left behind a strong Master’s Commission program (MCAN). God provided a new director, which gave us the chance to move into a new area with a fresh need.

A vision for a new work is one thing, but finding the place is another. We traveled all over Holland, praying about where God wanted to send us next.

In Maastricht, we saw the great need immediately. Peter Sleebos, the superintendent of the Assemblies of God in the Netherlands gave his 100% blessing to start a work in Maastricht. He said, “They have been begging for a missionary to come to Limburg for years, but no one has wanted to go.”

Limburg, this southernmost province, is a historically Catholic region (95%). The cost of living is high. “Drug tourism” is causing increasing problems – Maastricht is an international crossroads bordering Belgium and Germany, so people come from all over Europe for easy access to drugs.

The soil seems hard. But just below the surface, this field is ready for seeds to be sown. Forty percent of the students at Maastricht University come from outside the Netherlands, and a number of international businesses operate in the area. The one thing these diverse citizens have in common is speaking English. It’s shocking, then, that with 76 Dutch churches in the area, hardly any opportunities exist to worship in English.

God confirmed the need and gave us a desire to see a church planted here. We moved here in January 2010. Since then, Damascus Road International Church has grown to about 40-50 people every Sunday, meeting at the StayOkay Hostel along the Maas River. God is drawing people from all nations to Himself in Maastricht, and we are excited to be a part of this!