Our Church

EC, Evangelische Centrum Europoort, is a Dutch VPE (Verenigde Evangelische -en Pinkster Gemeente) church associated with the world-wide Assemblies of God, a sister organization. It is a vibrant and growing church of about 500-600 people located in an older Dutch Cinema on Nieuwe Binnenweg, close to DelftHaven in the center of Rotterdam. The church is multi-cultural as is the city of Rotterdam. Pastor Daniel Pasterkamp has a strong vision to reach the city and believes that as the Good Shepherd left the 99 in search of the lost “1″, he would also like to reach at least “1″% of the city’s population, or 6,000, with the transforming love of Jesus Christ!
Europoort International Church, the English outreach of ECE, fully adheres to this vision as well as the leadership of ECE. In unity, we will see the hand of God touch this city!

Check-out what the Lord did in the last church plant in Maatricht:

We planted Damascus Road International Church in early 2010 in Maastricht, in the south part of the Netherlands. Leslie found the name of the church in Acts 9: the conversion of Saul. Maastricht, a Roman settlement, is the oldest city in the Netherlands. You can’t cross Maastricht without walking cobblestone roads dating back centuries.

The people here are disillusioned with religion and want to encounter God in a powerful way that will forever change their lives, just like Saul on the road to Damascus.

People from 50 nations have visited DRIC in the first year. To learn more about this vibrant, growing church, check out DRIC’s website or watch the video below about DRIC’s first year.

You can also watch the church’s humorous weekly video announcements on the DamascusRoadIC YouTube channel and connect with DRIC on Facebook.